The Eagle Furniture Company constructed the original Center Point building in 1896. In 1911, Giant Furniture Company moved into the building until 1950 when Silver Knit Hosiery Mills, Inc. took over. The Davis family purchased the building in 1997 from Sara Lee Corporation and converted it into furniture showrooms. It was then renamed Center Point.


The City of Hope story is one that has touched millions of lives and will touch millions more. For more than 90 years, hope has guided the groundbreaking research and treatment programs of City of Hope National Medical Center and beckham Research Institute. This research has left an indelible impression on both medicine and the world, enriching the lives of people globally who are afflicted with life-threatening diseases.

City of Hope's research is national in scope and loacl in impact. Known far and wide for its compassionate approach to treating the whole person, not just the disease, City of Hope sets gold standards of treatment that are employed by cancer centers everywhere. Through the generous support of worldwide volunteers and donors, the indepth commitment to scientific inquiry powers the discoveries of today and makes possible the discoveries of tomorrow. 


The Walk of Hope, located at the clock tower patio adjacent to Center Point, is paved with bricks bearing the names of individuals and companies who were part of this special project. The walk was sponsored by The Centers of High Point and the National Home Furnishings Industry. Proceeds from this projects went towards the construction of City of Hope's new pediatric center. Dedicated on April 22, 1998, during the Spring Market. 

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