Marketing Opportunities

To the right is the Media Kit for the October 2019 Market. Enclosed are many new opportunities to participate in. There are no cost and cost effective ways to help you market your brand for the April Market! Some ideas include exterior signage on doors/windows and sponsoring our buyer parking passes. A few Important In-house deadlines are below. 


Directory -This Market the directory will be mailed out with our parking passes to over 1,500 top retailers. You have until Thursday, August 15th by 5pm to submit market information, events, or anything to help promote your brand.


Shuttles - We will be running 15 Vans this Market. There are still a few spots left for the shuttles, you have the option to put your logo on all vans, or market your brand with a full van wrap. Pricing is in the Media Kit Attached. 


 DEADLINE: Thursday, August 8th


HP Market Authority  - Market Authority is your partner!!! The link below will take you to a Market Authority page where you can update your company information, product categories, etc.  Since many buyers use this during market, make sure your company and contact information is updated! Please contact me for your login information.


Please take advantage of the HP Market Authority and other free ways to help make your market successful. These opportunities are all in the Media Kit attached. I’m here to help you in anyway I can, and am open to new creative ideas!

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