Parking Passes

Parking pass requests are accepted through February 17th.

Please download and complete the excel spreadsheet found below. 


Please submit NEW BUYERS ONLY. Previously submitted buyers will automatically be forwarded to HPMA (High Point Market Authority) for registration verification unless specified for a buyer to be removed. 

Please ensure to provide the company name, the first & last name of the buyer, as well as the mailing address to receive the parking pass. 

For management and sales reps tabs of the spreadsheet, we only need the first & last. Please note this a separate sheet from buyers.

All buyer parking passes are sent via USPS by March 20th. The HPMA will verify them as a registered attendee for the 2020 Spring Market before being mailed. All buyers receiving a parking pass MUST complete the registration process with the HPMA for us to release the parking pass. 

Management and sales representatives' parking passes will not be mailed but delivered to your showroom before the opening of the Market.

For questions or concerns, please contact Kelly Shapiro at

Important Dates

Monday, February 17th 

Parking Pass Request Deadline

Monday, April 6th

Parking Pass Mailing Date

Monday, April 20th

Parking Pass Showroom Delivery

Tenant Parking Pass Request_April 2020.xls

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